Reading material

Note: This is a composition of my student which she contributed for this blog.

Learning at Asian Social Institutes (ASI), the students are mostly left to self study books and so do I. I read material alone in my room, but soon I am very sleepy. Thus, I looked for my friend for what we read handout together. I recognize that my friend who doesn’t know reading ways as well as how to read faster, so I shared with her about reading methods that I was learnt at East Asian Pastoral Institute for several months before coming to the ASI.

My teacher taught me skill of reading include three steps: First, Look over the entire article quickly, paying attention to the heading of the different sections and trying to get a general idea of the contents of each one. Second, read the article for the main ideas. Do not be distracted by words, sentences and phrases which I don’t understand. Don’t stop down every word and looking it in my dictionary because it will spend many my time. Instead, I can use context clue let guessing the meaning of words. Moreover, an important idea will be repeated in different words. Finally, I reread material two or three times quickly be better for understanding than once slow.

Besides, the teacher also taught me how to read faster with three ways: First of all, preview – if it’s long and hard. Indeed, previewing is especially useful for getting a general idea of heavy reading like long magazine or newspaper articles, business reports, and non-fiction books. Next, skim – if it’s short and simple. This means that skimming is good way to get a general idea of light reading like popular magazines or the sports and entertainment sections of the paper. Lastly, cluster- to increase speed and comprehension. Being mean, I look at groups of word instead of one at a time to increase my speed enormously. In other words, I read my material as fast as I can. Concentrate on seeing three or four words at once rather than one word at a time.

Rewrite reading’s methods, I share not only for my friend, but also for everyone who want to interest. Furthermore, I also want to thanks my teacher, whom is enthusiastic and patient taught us with all her heart, by practice reading English books every day. I hope that those who read this article also try practice well. It is also a way to thanks my teacher and please prays for my teacher has good health and condition to continue her teaching career.

The rain and rain and rain!!!


Today, the weather is not good. It has been raining for 3 hours on the morning. After that, it has stopped rain for an hour and then it’s starting to rain again, and until now it is still raining. Hence, looking at the window, I miss my hometown very much. I thought about my family, congregation and community where I used to live and serve. All of them love me very much although sometimes has something what I do is not good. Now I want to write many things about them, but I cannot because I am being rain of tears.
Lord, I offer my people what I love to you. Let’s keep them in your name as well as bless for them and be with them forever.

The Reason There is No Class


This is not my first time to go to a new class, but today I feel nervous with my new teacher and my new classmates. All day long, I was eagerly waiting for hours in my class, but today, there was no class because there was a storm that was attacking the Philippines.

I know in the Philippines there are many storms that happen in every year. This storm has just started. I have never lived in region which has storm, so I cannot have my deep empathy with people who are living in the storm. I have seen everyone hard after the storm and felt compassionate toward them. This compassion is described to through my specific actions: if the storm is near the place where I live, I try to help them overcome the bad effects of the storm; conversely, if it is far, I will share some of my matter to them. At this time, I am studying in the Philippines, am a new student, I don’t have time as well as any matter to share with Filipino. Consequently, I only pray to ask my God to blow the storm return offshore to the Sea. Or, if He doesn’t want to do that, He can lessen the devastation of the storm.

Maybe everyone wonders why I am nervous with my new class. I feel worried about it because my English is not good. My English listening and speaking skills aren’t clear as well as writing isn’t sure. Thus, I am afraid my teacher and my classmates ask me some question that I don’t understand and be able to answer.

I wish the Filipino and me could overcome the natural storms as well as the hurricane of language. Being so, we feel peaceful and confident in our life and in learning as well.

My new friend

There is a girl who lives in Ho Chi Minh City at Vietnam to invite me making friend with her through my face book. After talking together for a short time, she asked an appointment with me today because she wants to share her great ambition to me.

Her wish wants to make charity that helps the poor patients and helps the orphans, but she cannot make it alone. Thus, she needs many people who have aspiration as her. For the poor patients, she wants to establish charity cook rice for them every week. The finance is earned from distribution of goods of everyone who attend her group. For example, Mr. Tom, a member of the group takes a commodity from main company cost 500 Pesos after that he sell cost 800 Pesos. That interest sent to the group for charity. For the orphans, the group visits the children and has enjoyable activities with them. In addition to group’s activities spirit, the group also shares some confectioneries and toys for them on weekend. Furthermore, the group also cut hair for them in every last month.

After hearing from her, I also share with her a little of my experience about charity. I have set up a group of voluntary students. We collect waste plastic material in the residents’ houses to sell and the money is used to cook rice soup for the poor patients in two hospitals of Binh Thuan Province every Sunday. In summer, we launch the campaign “collecting school manuals to help poor friends.” These activities are disseminated largely in the Diocese.

Rewriting this legitimate aspiration, I ask to you who are reader pray for her best wish is performed in her hometown. May God bless for this good work.

Thanks everyone

I have been very happy today because I have received many best wishes as well as many heart to heart fondness from you. Thank you so much for all what you have done for me. May God bless you to have a good sleep and sweet dreams.

My Special Birthday

In my Convent, we never celebrate our birthdays, we only celebrate our baptism. Nonetheless, since I go to school again, my teacher and my classmates celebrate with me. Thus, every year on my birthday, I always thank God for having created me in the world. This year, my birthday is very special because it is also Happy Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day, I give time to think about my father more and sometimes I phone to say happy father’s Day to him. I miss my father very much. My father always loves me. He usually does all things for me, even now that am already a nun. Every time my superior allows me to visit my family, he always cooks many things for me as well as prepares the bed for me to sleep well. Furthermore, he drives me to travel as well as visits our relative. Until now, I live very far from him but he always telephones to ask me only two question, “How are you?” and “How do you live?” These two questions he repeats every week when he talks with me. He always encourages me to learn and reminds me to live well with everyone. I try to live by his words every day.

Maybe on my birthday of this year, nobody will celebrate with me because I just moved to a new school, but I feel glad about it because I will pray for my father and myself more and more. Indeed, I am enjoying this occasion. I would like to express my deep gratitude to him for all what he has done for me on my birthday. I want to say, “Father, I love you!”


Note:  A composition written for this blog (in its early days) by my Vietnamese student (Sr. Van) to whom I shall always be grateful.