9 Nuggets of Wisdom Harvested from Farmville

For some years, I was busy planting crops, fruit trees, vegetables and a rich variety of plants on my moderate-sized farm, which I also surrounded with ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees to make my farm look inviting.

a corner of my farm…
my farm grew in size and changed landscape every so often…
an aerial view of my almost crowded farm…

I also raised farm animals, like hens, cows, pigs, horses, and took care of some domesticated animals like cats.

Through time, I was able to grow my farm, even building structures inside, until it looked more like an estate fit for royalty. <BIG Laugh>

I did ALL these on most nights, and more so, on the weekends. Excited, I’d rush home from school each evening, hurried with some chores and teacher’s stuff, so I could relax in front of my laptop to begin playing the much in-demand game at the time: FARMVILLE, by the Zynga Company. The original version, no less.

Each harvest I made, each acquisition and expansion I did, would of course thrill me to no end – as if it were real. You know that feeling?

If only my students knew how their strict teacher — who’d make them cry in class — would transform into a giddy child with this game. And guess who would share my excitement of farming? Who else, no other than my ever patient and bemused Dad…Hahaha!

At first, he would only indulge me as he listened nonchalantly to my endless tales of feeding my livestock, tilling the soil, planting, watering, fertilizing, then reaping the fruits of my diligent efforts, and of decorating and expanding my beloved farm.

Then as he saw how little by little my farm was growing, and getting more enticing by the day, my Dad also became just as thrilled. As if my farm were real and my life depended on it.

slowly my farm would transform to something more like an English estate 😉

Yet, Farmville was also a tiring game in the sense that you’d have to be patient in waiting for the new crops, plants and trees to grow, blossom, and produce. All these so you can harvest heaps and heaps of blooms, vegetables, and fruits — for your own use, or for storage, or for sale in your own yard.

You’d have to do ALL the things a REAL farmer does on his real farm, and more.

that’s me about to harvest my crops…

With that said, I did come to harvest a lot – a bushel of Life Lessons! I never realized it at first, but as I reflected deeper into the game, I thought this might really be the goal.

So here are nine (9) nuggets of wisdom to share.

PATIENCE. That’s the #1 lesson I learned. You cannot hurry things if you want to achieve your goals well. No shortcuts. You need to be thorough. Otherwise, your crops wilt; your animals die.

PERSEVERANCE. You need to persevere no matter how hard the task is. If you want to reach your goal, don’t quit.

FOCUS. When you have a goal to reach, distract yourself not by any challenges you meet. Instead, use them to your advantage, as you keep moving forward to your aim. Also, do not listen to naysayers. Just keep moving on.

COOPERATION. You cannot grow or prosper by your own efforts alone. It is often through joint efforts with others — your family, neighbors, community — that you can achieve your shared vision, shared goals. Harvest is sweet, as you reap the fruits of shared toil.

DILIGENCE. Water the plants of your dreams with constant work and tireless effort. You cannot succeed in life if you easily give up or fail to do your part. Your dreams will not just fall from the sky.

 CREATIVITY. Living life is an art, so be creative in your approach in building up your dreams as you make them come true. Strive to be unique. Use your own individuality to express yourself and inspire others to better themselves.

HELPFULNESS. You gain more when you help others achieve their goals. Not only will you build good relationships and good vibes, but you can count on others when time comes you need help.

TIME CONSCIOUSNESS. Far from just the cliché that the early bird catches the worm, being on time for all your important activities – getting to school or work, seeing a doctor at a first sign of illness, resolving family or money issues, and even throwing garbage out — can save you from troubles.

INVESTING WISELY. Farmville has shown that without spending more, you cannot grow your farm. So it is in real life, you cannot become rich or wealthy if you do not invest your money, even your time, wisely. You need to cultivate the mindset of an entrepreneur so you can harvest even in lean times.

So there you are…just some of the choicest harvests from my “farm” @Farmville. I don’t think there’s any other online, social media game that can come quite close to it.

my thriving farm…


NOTE: I first published this reflection sometime last year (July,2017). Here now is its republished form with minor revision.



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