How to Deal with Rudeness

Sometimes, we find ourselves dealing with or being in the company of unpleasant people, and it takes some effort to keep our composure. So here in this post, I’d like to share how you can deal with obnoxious people, such as those being rude.

Rudeness is all around. I will mention here at least two general kinds of rudeness.

First, you have those nasty behavior displayed in public, often one you get from total strangers.

Anywhere you go, there are people who are being rude — that is, they show their bad side through their arrogance, indifference, or bullying behavior. I cannot categorically say they ARE rude – only acting rudely  – because I know people face different situations, so who are we to judge. Yet, some do not hesitate to behave in unpleasant ways towards others. They can be a drain to our energy and patience, right?

Just like on the road. Some motorists like to cut their way in, or bully others by their impatient honking or intimidating tailgating of your vehicle.

No wonder road rage continues to happen anywhere in the world. In many cases, a simple incident can really blow up and end tragically — all because one or both parties are being rude and do not want to give in.

You can read more about road rage here and here.

This kind of rudeness also happens in restaurants, groceries, train stations — anywhere there are people who simply want to get their way without concern for others.

What to do if you find yourself in such situations? One way to deal with it is to be wise enough to know whether it is worth your time standing your ground – especially when you know you ARE Right.

Like on the road. Especially when you are with your loved ones. It is better to stay on the side of caution rather than taking a risk with your life and that of your loved ones.

  • Assess the situation and the other person/party. Is it a minor incident that you can just let go of?  Do not make it any bigger.
  • Remain calm. Choose your words well — avoid cursing at the other. You never know what challenges the person is facing, or worse – what if there is a concealed weapon?
  • In other words, avoid risking making the situation worse than it is. So what if you lose your right to be right? You do not know the other person, so you do not know what that person is capable of doing.
  • Better yet — no matter how trying and obnoxious the situation and the other person is — be diplomatic. Who knows your kindness and compassion might lead to a new friendship or renewed life?

Another kind of rudeness is when people show their dislike of you or indifference towards you, and this often comes from people you know or close to you.

BUT keeping cool and poised even when people do not like you is a choice you can make.

Are there people who seem not to like your presence? You can sense somehow they are just tolerating you being there with them. The thing is they think you are not aware, but you can see through their little acts. They pretend not to hear or see you, or leave you out from their conversation, or cut you short. Sometimes they talk you down or treat you as somebody stupid. Have you had such experience?

I do. Several times. YET, I enjoy my own company, even when certain people do not like me, or being with me.

At first, it hurt. It hurt my ego; it hurt my pride. It made me feel small.

But it pained my heart more. Each time.

Learning to handle unpleasant situations

Well then, I’ve become inured in a way, for now I understand they are just being themselves. They are just being their weak selves.

Now – just think about it in this way.

Most likely, when put in the same situation, they would not last. Meaning they would not be as strong and confident as they’d like to be, while they endure the uneasiness in such an unwelcoming or unfriendly atmosphere.

So how can you manage the situation? You may use your phone to entertain yourself — either to take photos or check on your social media.

But that is not good – using your phone while in the company of others is wrong, impolite, and reeks of bad manners.

  • Cast aside your phone.Keep your cool and poise.
  • Face the situation squarely, be nice to these insecure people, and attempt small polite talks. It’s part of being in a civil society.

I do my best to do that because I was brought up to be nice and polite and civil. My generation was taught, both at home and in school, to not be rude or unkind to others – even if you do not like them, too.

  • Perhaps the greater, much better way to deal with such rude people is to pray and talk to God, or even to your Guardian Angel. Tell them about your discomfort or pain when being with some people. There are certainly people who do not like you for some reason you do not know, and that is OKAY. The problem is NOT with You, but with them.
  • So pray for them, too. Show kindness even in the face of unkindness.

Certainly, there are those who make you feel unwelcome in their group. It is not a pleasant feeling to be with them. But you cannot control other people’s rudeness.


Have a wonderful, blessed day each day!



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