A New Year, Life’s Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone! Life’s fresh start is upon us. May this year bring you more of the good and the best you had last year, and newer, brighter things to come. Blessings to us all!

Make things happen — because everything is possible — with faith in yourself and in God.

Yes ~~ a brand new year is upon us, and it is that time when most of us think of making a fresh start, whether it be in our personal or work life, or in our relationships, or whatever aspect or area of ourselves needing a fresh sweep….

Well, just like my blog — the previous year was not exactly a productive or inspiring one for me as a personal blogger. I felt like my blog was just drifting along, or even drowning in a sea of so many excellent personal blogs out there, albeit some inspiring posts of mine here and there.

So the need to shake off the dust of mediocrity — aha!

So I thought of doing another round of tweaking — and it starts with my blog’s name, which has undergone so many changes, hoping that by doing so, it can motivate me to write and share more inspiring posts.

From now on, it will be “A Ms Mach Garden of Life Inspiration” — a mix-and-match, or potpourri of whatever thoughts, musings, reflections I have at the moment; it can also be – mostly perhaps, my responses to various writing and photography prompts that I come across. Or sometimes, i can do some curated articles on self-help topics. So it is indeed a mix of this and that.

Why a ‘Garden of Life Inspiration?’ When one thinks of a garden, one sees a mix of greens and flowering plants, of shrub and trees. One thinks of growth, of life, of energy and vitality — which I imagine and hope my blog to be.

But why Ms Mach?– well, it’s a sort of word play on the phrase mix-and-match — and I find it interesting, and hopefully catchy enough to capture as wide an audience as possible.

My purpose is to share with my dear readers – whoever you might be, from whatever part of the world you might be – this “Garden of  Life Inspiration” of mine, in the hope you may find a nugget or two of wisdom to inspire you on your own life journey.

Now – I’ve got myself this awesome planner for 2018, entitled “Everything Is Possible.” I like it because it is designed to help me set and accomplish my goals for the year.

And one of my goals is to create a fresh start for “A Ms Mach Garden of Life Inspiration” and bring it to a new level. Hope to accomplish this with you my readers along the way.

Here’s sharing a quote from this planner:

“You can’t go back and make a brand new start, but you can start now to make a brand new ending.”


NOTE: As you can see from my most recent posts — after this piece, I have changed my blog’s name for the umpteenth time — it’s now “An English Inspirational Journal” and I’m simply back to being TeacherMarich.


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