February Has Come: A Verse for Mom

Over a year has gone

Since your laughter filled our lives

Tonight the Moon wanes.

Yet with each passing day

in our hearts

We are nearer Home to you…

Our Beloved MOM

February is special to my family. It is the month of my parents’ wedding anniversary. Oh how romantic of them, you might think, to choose this month because of its connection with Valentine’s Day, but no, far from it.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

You see, my parents have always had a special devotion to Our Lady ~~ so they chose to wed on her Feast day, or rather the day after. It would’ve been their Diamond Anniversary last year, but Mom had gone on just a few months before. Now, their wedding anniversary is almost near, and while my Dad finds strength and consolation in his faith, I know sadness and longing linger in his heart as with the rest of us.



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