A Work in Progress

Summer’s Third Wind is my special work in progress and it’s my blog’s new name! As I wade through the process of building a much better, more engaging and unique blog, you’ll be seeing some changes here and there, and I’m thrilled with this special project of mine I’m undertaking with Blogging 101.

Summer’s Third Wind is still the repository of my reflections in prose and poetry, but I believe it’s time to change my blog’s name to something I can personally relate to. At least, with a previous name to boot, English All You Can, my blog now has a past I can look back to with fondness, once in a while as I move on.

Why Summer’s Third Wind? I was born one summer day in May. I was, in fact, toying with the idea of using Mayflower, but that was what I already did for another writing site; besides, Summer’s Third Wind — there’s a certain ring to it, don’t you think so? I just love the way it sounds poetic.

My blog at this stage is indeed, my third wind. (In due time, I’ll be editing my About Page where I explain about this). Now, I feel much better about my new blog’s name — it fits like a second skin, that’s totally me, yet provides me with a comfortable sense of privacy.

The more I say Summer’s Third Wind, the more I feel this is Me. Times when summer is light, breezy, warm, but times when it’s heavy with summer rain. And that’s what I hope my blog can offer to you my dear readers from this day on – an eclectic mix of enjoyable, engaging, sometimes serious reads.





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