Hey, Being Patient with Others Is Cool!

“When you’re tempted to get angry and feel frustrated with those around you, take a moment to think about your own faults and shortcomings. This will help you to be patient with others.” – Maria Fontaine

Indeed! Such an apt reminder in this age of social media when it seems to be the fad to rant and rave about just anything and anyone online, but hey dear people, being patient with others is more cool, and will never go out of style.

In fact, I’m writing this mainly to check myself, for just earlier on, as I was going over the news feed on my social media account, I was almost seeing red as I read some negative postings from friends and strangers alike. Almost every day, I scan such rantings or even SCREAMING!!! in the news feed.

Even comments from the general public regarding current news or celebrity gossips are filled with hateful, derogatory, discriminating speech – it can be nauseating. Regarding personal gripes, of course, people say it’s their page, and they have every right to give vent to their anger, annoyance, and whatever else is eating them up. I do understand that need to ventilate.

But does one have to do it online – even if it’s about the smallest thing? And when someone airs their gripes online, it makes others angry as well, right?

Then, I realize that though I may not have the tendency to share my personal negative feelings online, I’m as guilty as the other person to be annoyed as well, or boil mad with anger, at someone.

That’s the point — whether we broadcast our sentiments to the whole wide world, or keep it to ourselves, or confront the person we’re angry at like a soldier charging into battle — we easily get impatient with others. We think we are in the right, thus we have the right to be angry.

But just like what the quotation above says — let us take a moment to think about our own faults and shortcomings. Let us be more patient with others, a value, a virtue to be imbibed. Then even in that simple, humble way, we can lessen the negativity circling around us. We can stop in our own small way the spiral of hatred that now is gripping the entire planet.

Finally, it will help to think that in each one of us, lies the seed of goodness.

I just came across this article on Huffington Post, ‘A Good Mother Would Pick Up Her Crying Baby’ — a good example of what my post is saying.




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