The plum blossom is full of fragrance

Because it suffers the bitter cold…

The sword is perfectly sharp

Because it goes through the grindstone…

The eagle soars to new heights

Because it is not afraid to fall…

The ocean shore is reached

Because the captain chooses to defy

The cruel waves and violent storms…

The eye is never sad at the sight

Of dark clouds adrift

Because it knows the promises of light.

Thus, it is how you pursue rowing your boats

With vigor to the banks of learning

And scaling the mountains

Even if the way is torturous

You still follow your dreams…

And just like how a mother feels over

Her children’s relentless efforts to learn

Your struggles and pains are also mine

Your sense of fulfillment is my joy, too.

May all your aspirations and hopes come true…

May your happiness be as immense

As the deep eastern sea…

And remember the bright sun

Always rises high

In the east blue sky.

I wrote this poem in December, 2000, and ever since, I have been giving this poem to each and everyone of my students as my lasting token of appreciation for their struggles and progress in learning, and for having been there in my life.
I first shared this online in another website: Writing.com, where I go by the username Summerblossom. I have changed the title of this post – from my original title “A Teacher’s Tribute to Her Dear Students” because I discovered another piece online, in prose, with the same title.


  1. Thank you teacher for your enthusiasm, passsion and effort to help us with English. Love you.

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