Here I am, stumbling down
The rain’s pouring down
I’m staring at my feet

But splashing on my feet
it is my tears and not the rain
They’re are salty and bloodstained
From my agonizing pain

Nobody could be more
mad at me than me!
No one would abhor me this way,
No other than me!!

Why was I so stupid?
What kind of fool I am?
Never again will trust you!
Never!!NEVER!! NEVER!!

You peppered me with too many questions
Thus, no way for me to responds.
Ones I want so much to ignore…

But deep within me I have brought these
What else could I have been asking for?

When I think about the way things are..
Tears rolling down my face..
If  I could turn back time
I would  never ended up in this way….


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