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Note: This is a composition of my student which she contributed for this blog.

Learning at Asian Social Institutes (ASI), the students are mostly left to self study books and so do I. I read material alone in my room, but soon I am very sleepy. Thus, I looked for my friend for what we read handout together. I recognize that my friend who doesn’t know reading ways as well as how to read faster, so I shared with her about reading methods that I was learnt at East Asian Pastoral Institute for several months before coming to the ASI.

My teacher taught me skill of reading include three steps: First, Look over the entire article quickly, paying attention to the heading of the different sections and trying to get a general idea of the contents of each one. Second, read the article for the main ideas. Do not be distracted by words, sentences and phrases which I don’t understand. Don’t stop down every word and looking it in my dictionary because it will spend many my time. Instead, I can use context clue let guessing the meaning of words. Moreover, an important idea will be repeated in different words. Finally, I reread material two or three times quickly be better for understanding than once slow.

Besides, the teacher also taught me how to read faster with three ways: First of all, preview – if it’s long and hard. Indeed, previewing is especially useful for getting a general idea of heavy reading like long magazine or newspaper articles, business reports, and non-fiction books. Next, skim – if it’s short and simple. This means that skimming is good way to get a general idea of light reading like popular magazines or the sports and entertainment sections of the paper. Lastly, cluster- to increase speed and comprehension. Being mean, I look at groups of word instead of one at a time to increase my speed enormously. In other words, I read my material as fast as I can. Concentrate on seeing three or four words at once rather than one word at a time.

Rewrite reading’s methods, I share not only for my friend, but also for everyone who want to interest. Furthermore, I also want to thanks my teacher, whom is enthusiastic and patient taught us with all her heart, by practice reading English books every day. I hope that those who read this article also try practice well. It is also a way to thanks my teacher and please prays for my teacher has good health and condition to continue her teaching career.


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