My Special Birthday

In my Convent, we never celebrate our birthdays, we only celebrate our baptism. Nonetheless, since I go to school again, my teacher and my classmates celebrate with me. Thus, every year on my birthday, I always thank God for having created me in the world. This year, my birthday is very special because it is also Happy Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day, I give time to think about my father more and sometimes I phone to say happy father’s Day to him. I miss my father very much. My father always loves me. He usually does all things for me, even now that am already a nun. Every time my superior allows me to visit my family, he always cooks many things for me as well as prepares the bed for me to sleep well. Furthermore, he drives me to travel as well as visits our relative. Until now, I live very far from him but he always telephones to ask me only two question, “How are you?” and “How do you live?” These two questions he repeats every week when he talks with me. He always encourages me to learn and reminds me to live well with everyone. I try to live by his words every day.

Maybe on my birthday of this year, nobody will celebrate with me because I just moved to a new school, but I feel glad about it because I will pray for my father and myself more and more. Indeed, I am enjoying this occasion. I would like to express my deep gratitude to him for all what he has done for me on my birthday. I want to say, “Father, I love you!”


Note:  A composition written for this blog (in its early days) by my Vietnamese student (Sr. Van) to whom I shall always be grateful.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Sister Van — indeed what a special birthday it is for you today as it falls on Father’s Day! I could feel the greatness of your father’s love for you. Wonderful piece!

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