Starting 2019 On a Positive Note

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Welcome 2019!

Two weeks into the new year, and I’m still keeping up my good spirits, which I should be if I want to make 2019 a much kinder, brighter year than the last.

And I invite you all as well to start this year — 2019 — on a positive note.

Let’s do our best to be THANKFUL for every BLESSING, big or small, that comes our way. Something may or may not be what we truly want or hope for. Still, let’s be grateful for it because it’s the best way to keep negativity at bay.

We start with this — with GRATITUDE in our hearts — to create a positive mindset as we greet each new day.

Most of you I’m sure have your own resolutions to be and do better this year. So do I.

I hope I’ll be able to stick to them, for I’m making sure these are doable for me. I hope it’s going to be the same for you.

One of the things I keep reminding myself to do is: Prioritize and focus on the task at hand. ONE at a time. I should quiet my mind from distractions.

I find multi-tasking no longer as effective with me as in the past. I cannot segue from one task to another hurriedly lest I become absent-minded. My memory is starting to slow down. Ahhh, the travails of aging!

But sometimes, situations will arise where I still need to attend to several things at the same time. In which case, I must remind myself to pause a bit in between. And this works better for me now.

I end this post by sharing a Prayer for the New Year, which I came across online.


Whether I leave behind

a year of joy or of trials and difficulties,

I pause to GIVE THANKS.

Thank you for being with me

Every day of every year.

Thank you for making all things NEW

And for giving me the grace of

Fresh starts

And New Beginnings.

Remind me of your presence in the days to come,

Even when I feel pushed and rushed by


Be Glorified in My Life This Year.

~ AMEN ~



Prayer for the New Year

As the world awaits 
the coming year 
May Love, real love
Peace, Justice
echo our heart's yearnings
And bells ring not only
to usher in a materially blessed year
but more for spiritual graces and blessings

We pray Lord grant us each
an openness and space for the poor in 
our midst
a ready hand to lend 
to anyone in need

May each heart O LORD, Creator of all
respond to Your Call of
oneness with those suffering
from sickness, poverty, and other ills;
with those differing from us in faith,
politics, race, color, creed
and other divisive walls
as well as a rejection of all that 
displeases You O Most Loving Merciful GOD

All these in Jesus' Name we pray. AMEN

Welcome 2015!

Thankfully, I was able to capture this at the precise time during the countdown…

The world, once again, has been thankfully gifted with the Blessing of a New Year, a precious time when many feel brand-new, and almost everything around seems pristine. Whatever the past year has been, most of us bask in the glow of hope that the newborn year brings. Much like how a mother feels at birthing her infant, that special mix of joy, thrill and awe, or how hearing a baby’s first cries or coos warms the cockles of the heart.

Such a perfect time indeed to promise, once again, as in the years before – to be better, to do better –  a pledge that underlines our personal new year’s resolutions. Such a time-worn tradition meant to be broken, as the old cliché goes. Perhaps so, for those who do not take this yearly ritual seriously.

However, as much as we do intend to follow through the resolutions we make around this time, still many of us, myself included, fail to do so with some of our intentions, for some reasons or the other.

Thus, as I thoughtfully, meaningfully reflect on the year ahead, I’d still vow to start on a clean slate to be a better person, to do better for myself and others, and in my own small way, make the world a better place.

It sounds like a cliché, I know, but this is my most basic resolution from which to draw my specific action plans — not for the entire year though. Rather than be my ritual vow at the beginning of 2015, I shall make it my daily commitment, for in this way, I know I can stay true to myself, and reach my goals.