Just One of Those Mornings


Standing by the window

I sip my coffee

And watch my cat

Look about with fear…

For the other felines

In the neighborhood

Lie in wait for her in envy…

They are not mean,

Just hungry and pitiful…

But my cat has no more food to spare nor I…

Just one of those mornings.


Turning up at the morning sky

I catch the lone fading star…

I wish with all my might

I could frame my thoughts

That match my mood

Pen in hand – a strand of hair

Empty page – nothing more…

Just one of those mornings.


This poem is my response to the writing prompt shared by Heather E. Wright
Use one, some or all of the following words in a story, scene or poem:
Coffee, star, pen, match, envy Park, window, fear, strand, frame


Image is from my personal file


Without HIM

Without Him

My Life is hollow

Like a bottle

My Mind trips as a running brook.

Without Him

Who gives Beauty to

My Soul?

Yet, how Great is my God

For He fills in the

Emptiness in my Heart…

Though shadows lurk

In the path I walk

His Love protects

And shields Me

From every evil

I meet…




Hope Eternal

There’s a smile in

Every flower I see

There’s a melody in

Every bell that chimes…

There’s a goal in

Each bird’s flight,

As well as a gold pot

At the end of a rainbow…

There’s solace in

Every tear I shed

There’s hope in

Every tomorrow…

There’s peace

After each trouble,

As well as calm

After each tempest…

Yes, there’s love in

every man’s heart

And tenderness in

Every mother’s eyes…

There’s always joy

In each one of us

As well as goodness

In every worst in us.


For one brief moment
in the great sea of eternity
we have met;
We’re both small drops of seconds
in the river of time…

Like a single pebble
I’ve caused a ripple
in your cool pond of serenity;
While you’re the soulful wind
that kissed the splendid pearl
from out her shell…

I remember the beautiful name you gave…
You must have loved me then…somehow;
A treasured pearl…could I really be
that way for you?

Whatever that lies between us
then and now…
is like dewdrop from Heaven
so refreshing and sweet.
Yet…life is still far from crystal clear…
The pain of silence torments
and we’re both sad…

For one brief moment
in the great sea of eternity
we have met;
but I know
Immortal we’ll always be
In each other’s heart.


This poem also appears on Writing.com together with some of my other poems.