Love’s Fading Season

the Heart sees no reason

yet understands and answers

Life’s greatest puzzles;

Kindred spirits speak

a language that

goes beyond time and space…

Love's Fading Season...

We could have been

kindred spirits;

there was a time when

we were…

but you, just like the seasons,

have drifted away

into Winter…

Special Note about my photo: I was inspired to use this ‘photo failure’ of mine, a result of an out-of-focus shot…but seeing it still looked good , especially as a background, I decided to keep it in my files…and that was what I used for this post. I credit Photography 101 for all the creative tips I’ve learned from the team! Thanks and Cheers!

Distant Star


I used to be the brightest star
on your horizon
when a moonbeam suddenly
overshadowed me…

While I used to bask
in the nearness
of your warmth;
Now must I dim
in the coldness
of the distance…


I wrote and shared this poem (2010) in another website,, where I go by the name Mayflower (Marichu), and username summerblossom.