A Temporary Relish

As my response to last week’s photography prompt by WordPress’ The Daily Post ~~ Temporary~~  am sharing here this photo of a round platter of colorful, varied pungent yet tasty fita bread sauces, which we recently came upon and enjoyed at a Persian-inspired restaurant. Because of its savory taste and aroma, it was gone as soon as it was set on the table.


Leftovers: Cherished Thoughts of Yesterday

Like an old chest, some memories linger almost forgotten but never discarded...
Like an old chest, some memories linger almost forgotten but never discarded…Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

My hallowed past is like a chest full of memories – leftovers from the past, my cherished thoughts of yesterday.

Each recollection neatly wrapped in scented layers, hidden beneath the pages of the here-and-now, folded carefully in the hollows of my mind.

They just lay there, until a refrain from an old song, or the aroma of a traditional chicken soup being cooked next door prompts one or two to come unbidden. Continue reading “Leftovers: Cherished Thoughts of Yesterday”

Leftover: Yesterday’s Dust

Deep within my mind

Lies a hollow

I dare not go

For fear of waking up

Memories all in

Rancid taste…

Along endless corridors

And empty halls

I pass

Into nameless faces

In crowded streets

I walk

But deep into

This abyss mine

I dare not tread…


This is my first response to the weekly writing challenge on The Daily Post: