Dawn of A New Day

This is my piece in response to this week’s Writing Challenge by Anna Fonté, writer at girl in the hat

Waling-waling ~~ By Dalton Holland Baptista – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5096370


against the

Color of dawn,


Temple on a cliff,

Mother Eagle poised



Her young

took to the

First break of light

Sweet scent



Orchids in pink

White purple


Dawn of hope

Cupped in


the Soul rejoices

Crisp city air

Fades into


Warmth of the

New day sun…

Then lips raised

for the day’s first taste

of coffee brew.



As I stand before the
Ocean of time
Waves of memories
Lap the shores of my mind.

Deep in reverie then
I swim back to when
Everything had rhymes and rhythms.

Soon jolted back to reality
I find my clouds of cotton candy
Have burst and melted into
Droplets of rain.


Another of my own poems which I shared in another website (Writing.com), and for which I got 4 stars in the review! When I was writing this, I was trying to come up with something lyrical, whimsical, not mushy.


Distant Star


I used to be the brightest star
on your horizon
when a moonbeam suddenly
overshadowed me…

While I used to bask
in the nearness
of your warmth;
Now must I dim
in the coldness
of the distance…


I wrote and shared this poem (2010) in another website, Writing.com, where I go by the name Mayflower (Marichu), and username summerblossom.



Here I am, stumbling down
The rain’s pouring down
I’m staring at my feet

But splashing on my feet
it is my tears and not the rain
They’re are salty and bloodstained
From my agonizing pain

Nobody could be more
mad at me than me!
No one would abhor me this way,
No other than me!!

Why was I so stupid?
What kind of fool I am?
Never again will trust you!
Never!!NEVER!! NEVER!!

You peppered me with too many questions
Thus, no way for me to responds.
Ones I want so much to ignore…

But deep within me I have brought these
What else could I have been asking for?

When I think about the way things are..
Tears rolling down my face..
If  I could turn back time
I would  never ended up in this way….

Without HIM

Without Him

My Life is hollow

Like a bottle

My Mind trips as a running brook.

Without Him

Who gives Beauty to

My Soul?

Yet, how Great is my God

For He fills in the

Emptiness in my Heart…

Though shadows lurk

In the path I walk

His Love protects

And shields Me

From every evil

I meet…




Hope Eternal

There’s a smile in

Every flower I see

There’s a melody in

Every bell that chimes…

There’s a goal in

Each bird’s flight,

As well as a gold pot

At the end of a rainbow…

There’s solace in

Every tear I shed

There’s hope in

Every tomorrow…

There’s peace

After each trouble,

As well as calm

After each tempest…

Yes, there’s love in

every man’s heart

And tenderness in

Every mother’s eyes…

There’s always joy

In each one of us

As well as goodness

In every worst in us.


For one brief moment
in the great sea of eternity
we have met;
We’re both small drops of seconds
in the river of time…

Like a single pebble
I’ve caused a ripple
in your cool pond of serenity;
While you’re the soulful wind
that kissed the splendid pearl
from out her shell…

I remember the beautiful name you gave…
You must have loved me then…somehow;
A treasured pearl…could I really be
that way for you?

Whatever that lies between us
then and now…
is like dewdrop from Heaven
so refreshing and sweet.
Yet…life is still far from crystal clear…
The pain of silence torments
and we’re both sad…

For one brief moment
in the great sea of eternity
we have met;
but I know
Immortal we’ll always be
In each other’s heart.


This poem also appears on Writing.com together with some of my other poems.


A best friend is always there for you,
Like a shadow will always within you.
Whether you are for an advice or need a pep talk,
Or even a shoulder to cry on.

A best friend is keen and always listens with her heart
A best friend always honest with you and speaks truth.
Even though the truth may not be what you want to hear.

A best friend knows all your secrets and will detailed about you.
Understands your fears and have shares your dreams.
A best friend never stops believing in you
Even you already give up on yourself.

You are my living mirror.
You my shadow that even in darkness never left me.
You are that kind of friend to me.
And no matter what happens, you always will be.

You are my best friend….my forever friend.

The Great Healer

Withered roses can be fool

Withered paradise of promises and chaos can go nowhere in pool

The claps of crowd proclaiming in Sunday’s Best

In His gentle and greatness with complete unconditional love


Maybe He is just listening of your wishful thinking thoughts

How critical you are

How crucial you are?

How faith isn’t it?

The line and it’s rope that full of hope and holiness is coming near.

We are savoring the celebration but all of sudden the empire of darkness always ruining our mind.


How bad isn’t it?

But the light of glorious surroundings will bind us to lead in Him


We can say…we want to…We want to fed up!

I took all the chances you provided but I am not satisfied, indeed!


“Son! I have better plan than yours!”


Those words…those voices from enlighten ones we heard.


We can take lots of medicine to cure our external wound but our mind and soul how?


Think but thank You!

Gave up but He Blessed us!

Mistakes but He taught us to do the righteous deeds!


He cured us! Not humankind but the Greatest Healer of our all wounds.




Life is an adventure

Whatever its course,

At each bend, at every turn,

There’s a hurdle to leap

Sometimes life may be too

Strange for us to behold

Too complex for our naiveté

To comprehend

Times when the things we want

For ourselves

Belong to another time and space

And we try to capture

Just a semblance of those things

In the time we hold now

It isn’t always easy to answer

The hows and whys we encounter

Why we do things the way we do

Stranger still are

Some of the people we meet…

Just like you and I

There’s more to us than meets the eye

There’s always something deeper

No one could just fathom

Not even ourselves at times

Life indeed can be puzzling,

Mysterious and full of rarity…

Like you were my least expectation,

Now you’re a big difference

It isn’t easy to answer the questions

But sometimes all we need to do

Is just to understand


* I wrote this poem about 18 years ago; I also presented this in a Speech-craft session of the Toastmasters Club, Casino de Espanol Chapter, Manila, in 1999. I shared this too on Writing.com, where I go by my username Summerblossom.