O Dear Victim Soul I Pray


Sharing in Christ's Suffering in Atonement for the Sins of the World

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O Mom, my Dear Victim Soul, I Pray

In God’s Eternal Peace

Find Your Rest;

Ever do I offer my unending love

And cherished memories of you…

In God’s Eternal Kingdom, you are

Surrounded by Angels and Saints;

So now I seek your own

Holy Intercession;

Watch over us here your family

While we still journey as

Earth’s Pilgrims…

With Mary and the Saints

Bring us closer to God in faith

Each day, I pray


Three’s A Company: Trio No 3

How I feel when I go hungry in the middle of the night...

Dark is the Night

yet darker still are

the thoughts running through my mind

for pangs of hunger assails

I could easily go insane…

My fridge beckons then

So I rush my way to it

Alas, tears fall

For only a tray of ice lay inside…

Daily Prompt: Trio No 3

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Life by the Advantage of Foresight


If I could have the power to predict

A heart that sees... PhotoCredit: Inspirational Christian Blogs

and make things happen as I see

By the advantage of foresight                      

I’d predict my

Life without blight

A life where tears

Means Joy



Not cries of anger

Nor hatred

From this wounded soul chained

by the shackles of sin

Not cries of lament,

anguish nor torment

From an isolated soul

Waging battles that

Leaves the self

Broken, shattered

Even if it

Means a day less

For what is a day

If ruled by wickedness

I’d rather see Tears

Washing away

Each pain

As I make my way

One step closer to the fullness

of Life I am meant to live

in Christ’s Everlasting Home.


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Ode To A Forgotten Past



My sandcastle of broken dreams ...


time was

when I spent

my life in the sand,

where everything

could sink into


for when I look

for traces left


there are none to see…


time was such

it is not worth

a monument

nor a well of

tears nor a canvass

of colors…


whatever it was

that stood upon the sand

all crumbled into pieces

and were washed away

by the rushing waves…


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Leftover: Yesterday’s Dust


Deep within my mind

Lies a hollow

I dare not go

For fear of waking up

Memories all in

Rancid taste…

Along endless corridors

And empty halls

I pass

Into nameless faces

In crowded streets

I walk

But deep into

This abyss mine

I dare not tread…

This is my first response to the weekly writing challenge on The Daily Post: Leftovers

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The Promise of Beijing


My response to Poetry Prompt #17 – Dreamflights

   A thousand songs of supplication

Echo through the marble halls of the Temple

That heaven may bless the vast ancient lands

With bountiful harvest and graces

Its splendor rising in awed reverence

To the blue Beijing skies;

Emperors and subjects alike

Had climbed its royal steps

Fortified with the decay and progress

Of almost six centuries

The Hall of Prayer stands in majestic contrast

To the ideology that now reigns supreme

Yet…deep in the heart of Beijing’s humanity

Lies the fervent hope of love and peace

Ever cried by sages and poets alike…

China is never lost to the world!

I wrote this soon after I had penned my poem, “Shanghai by the Moonlight” – in 2000. Just like my poem on Shanghai, this was inspired by a Beijing postcard, (not this accompanying photo) courtesy of my Chinese student. I also shared this in the same website where I had posted several of my poems – Writing.com where I went by my username Summerblossom, and account name Mayflower(Marichu).

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