About Summer’s Third Wind

Hello! Welcome to Summr LotusPond — my journal of reflective prose, poetry and photographs…”

I take inspiration in the LOTUS flower especially the Pink Lotus, considered to be the supreme lotus; though not a Buddhist myself, I like the symbolism attached to it — Rebirth. The Lotus flow’r thrives in dirty, muddy ponds — goes through a cycle of opening all its petals in the morning, then closes each in the late afternoon — yet, it emerges untainted and beautiful despite its mucky surroundings.

Hence I’d like to see Summr LotusPond as somehow akin to a Pink Lotus flower — despite my imperfections in writing, my blog can hopefully withstand these and continue being a garden for my creative inclinations where my dream of being a writer can flourish.

Rebirth. Summr LotusPond.

My blog started as “English All You Can” – as a repository of my students’ work, to encourage them to develop their confidence in writing in the Queen’s language – my students being mostly adults from East Asia/Pacific and some from Latin America. But being busy with their academics and pastoral work, most could not find enough time to write and share in this blog. I’ve kept some of their pieces here though in appreciation of their hard work.

Then my blog became Summer’s Third Wind. Now, it is Summr LotusPond, that still chronicles my thoughts, insights on any topic that piques my interest as I journey along life’s different pathways…

And just like the Pink Lotus flow’r that is said to symbolize a person’s spiritual journey: while still a bud, it represents a ‘closed’ person who is yet to move on to the next step in his/her spiritual journey; as the flower blooms, it represents an opening up of a person to all that is around. Just so with my journey as a writer, I am open to all the lessons I can learn from fellow bloggers and readers alike.

So come and join me in my creative journey, stay awhile and hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

– Summer