About “A Ms Mach Garden of Life Inspiration”

Hello! Welcome to A Ms Mach Garden of Life Inspiration!

A Ms Mach Garden of Life Inspiration” is a mix-and-match, or potpourri of my thoughts, musings, reflections; as well as my responses to various writing and photography prompts that I come across, with my occasional curated articles on self-help topics thrown in. So in effect, this blog is a mix of this and that. Hence its new name, Ms Mach — a word play on the phrase mix-and-match.

This blog has undergone so many changes over the course of time — from being a platform for my EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students for them to practice their written skills in English to being my personal space. So in gratitude to them who made this blog possible in the first place, I will also still write a piece or two with English learners in mind.

My hope is that you, my dear readers, will be able to find something of interest here for you – whether in prose, poetry, or photography. An amateur photography enthusiast who is learning and honing her camera skills, I find this an enjoyable aspect of my journey to self-growth. I do hope you can pick up a nugget or two of wisdom to inspire and help you on your own life journey.

See you!