My Extra-Special Mother’s Day Tribute to My Mom

I have written an article about my Mom for a book about mothers which I co-authored with 40 plus other authors and which we are launching later today in celebration of Mother’s Day.

To the First Woman Who Loved Me

Doing this book project is my extra-special Mother’s Day tribute to Mommy, or “Meh” as we in the family endearingly called her. It stands for the last syllable of “mommy,” with a short (e) sound.”

It’s my way of honoring her memory in a special way — immortalizing her and her undying love and sacrifices for her family in a book that can be read by many.  I’ve already written articles about her here in this blog, but having her featured in a book is quite extraordinary!  Here is an excerpt from my book article about Mommy.

Mommy: My Beloved Rose in Heaven

It has been five years, four months since God called my Mom back to His heavenly kingdom. Mommy, named Rose, was also a strong, faithful devotee of Mama Mary. This makes her more special and my memories of her more fragrant.

My Mom, you see, was born on the feast day of the Queenship of Mary – one of the most popular Marian feasts in the Catholic Church. Years later, she and Dad, a Marian devotee too, wanted to wed on the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. But because the Church prohibits (yes until today) weddings on feast days, they got married a day after. As if that was not enough, Mommy passed on to her eternal home on the anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima (or Miracle of the Sun), again another day associated with Mama Mary.

So with that, let me recount a few vivid images I cherish about my Mom and the lessons she imparted to me that make up her total essence. Each recollection is a lump in my throat as it brings me back to my sacred past.

Photo by Ergita Sela on Unsplash

NOTE: If you want to get your copy of this inspiring book, please click on To the First Woman Who Loved Me For now, it is in e-book format — as printing of the hard copy version is on hold due to the ongoing ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine). The stories contained here will truly warm your heart, each a special pearl of tender memories and praise to the first woman ever to have held and loved us.

“Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.” – Unknown