2020: New Year, New Life, New Hope

It’s 2020! A brand New Year!

Like most people, I ‘d like to believe a New Year signifies New Life, New Hope.

A new year inspires in us a new way of living.

Living more positively.

Resolving to overcome bad habits.

Creating new ones in the hope these will bring us much closer to our goals.

And this is what I’d also like to wish for my blog, too: time to head for a new direction, a fresh outlook, more inspiring posts and articles, and so forth. To rise again like a lotus.

There was a time I used to name this blog, Summr LotusPond. Why?

As I wrote then in my blog’s former About Page, I’d like to see my blog as somehow akin to a Pink Lotus flower — that despite my imperfections in writing, my blog can hopefully withstand these and continue being a garden for my creative inclinations where my dream of being a writer can flourish.

And though I still see my blog as ‘a garden for my creative inclinations,’ I will strive to post something more useful, more inspiring, for you dear reader, straight from my heart.

Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

The Pink Lotus is considered to be the supreme lotus; though not a Buddhist myself, I like the symbolism attached to it — Rebirth. The Lotus thrives in dirty, muddy ponds — goes through a cycle of opening all its petals in the morning, then closes each in the late afternoon — yet, it emerges untainted and beautiful despite its mucky surroundings.

And just like the Pink Lotus that is said to symbolize a person’s spiritual journey: while still a bud, it represents a ‘closed’ person who is yet to move on to the next step in his/her spiritual journey; as the flower blooms, it represents an opening up of a person to all that is around.

Last year, my blog sort of went on a limbo, when I stopped posting in the second half of the year.  And this year, I promise you, just like the Pink Lotus, English All You Can will have another of its Rebirth!