Dealing with Obnoxious People

Sometimes, we find ourselves dealing with or being in the company of unpleasant people, and it takes some effort to keep our composure. So here in this post, I’d like to share how you can deal with obnoxious people, such as those being rude.

Rudeness is all around. I will mention here at least two general kinds of rudeness.

First, you have those nasty behavior displayed in public.

Anywhere you go, there are people who are being rude — that is, they show their bad side through their arrogance, indifference, or bullying behavior. I cannot categorically say they ARE rude – only acting rudely  – because I know people face different situations, so who are we to judge. Yet, some do not hesitate to behave in unpleasant ways towards others. They can be a drain to our energy and patience, right? Continue reading “Dealing with Obnoxious People”