On Reinventing Oneself

“If you are not where you want to be, do not quit; instead reinvent yourself and change your habits.” — Eric Thomas

The topic of reinventing oneself came casually over me – as I went through some previous posts of mine and read my revised “About My Blog” page here. I had thought of just giving up this blog, for it had outgrown its initial purpose.

But time and again, I would back off, do a little bit of tweaking here and there, just to keep it going, even if I’ve not been able to capture a loyal following. Just to see how far it can go, learning to see in what ways my blog can inspire or uplift or share something valuable to readers — beyond merely serving as my personal creative platform.

One aspect of reinventing is — as the quote above says and to which I agree — “do not quit.”

So I should be putting in more time and effort to come up with interesting posts, and find ways to promote it, too. Well, this is my weak area, I realize now. I’ve not been as diligent in posting, nor confident enough to share this to the world beyond my personal sphere of influence: family, friends, former students and colleagues.

On one level, many times businesses have to reinvent their brands, products and services in order to continue giving value to their clients and customers, keep up with the demands and changing needs of the economy, or keep themselves afloat in turbulent times.

It’s the same with us, human beings — we need to reinvent ourselves, if we want to change for the better, grow and lead more productive, meaningful lives. In this aspect, change is at the level of doing.

For example, a young aspiring entertainer can start out as a member of a music band or a dance troupe, or even as a commercial model. Deciding that he/she would really like to be in the acting industry, the individual takes up acting lessons by joining workshop or enrolling in acting courses.

Changing one’s job or field of work at mid-career, learning a new language, indulging in a favorite hobby or even taking up a new one when one has retired — these are just some ways to reinvent ourselves by doing what we can do to achieve our personal goals.

Yet, reinventing oneself should go beyond the external, for real change is at the level of being — a much deeper level of change. This requires your time, effort, willingness to grow and be the best self you can ever be.

Reinventing oneself is a journey that requires sacrifices, too — like giving up bad attitudes, ways of doing, and learning whatever can make you grow as a person. And it begins with the journey to yourself within, to know who you truly are, your core values, and to visualize the kind of person you want to be – as aligned with your core values and goals.

That change should begin now — it does not matter whether you are still young or already old. Life is ripe with moments to become the best you can ever be, so that you can do whatever is good for you and for others.

“Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.” Stephen Covey










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