My February Collection of Haiku

My February collection of haiku is composed of my responses to some of the prompts in last month’s NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). More on this below. Meanwhile, please enjoy my feeble attempt in this fascinating poetic form.

Day 1: biting into a taco
biting into a taco
hot and red with chili ~~
the waning moon bids adieu

Day 2: railroad ties
wooden railroad ties
old, beat and creaking ~~
peals of children’s laughter

Day 3: Greek coffee
in the kitchen lay waiting
warm pot of Greek coffee brew ~~
lips locked in a kiss

flowing from cup to cup
mid-morning Greek coffee brew~~
ears plugged to jazzy notes

cup to cup
Greek coffee brew ~~
scent of burnt haystack

Day 4: cream cheese with chives
on a balmy day
rolling waves and sandy beach ~~
cream cheese with chives

Day 5: listening to the radio
listening to the radio
each night at 3 a.m. ~~

Day 6: cutting the lawn
cutting the lawn
trimming the home ~~
oh Lunar New Year upon us

Day 7: wrapped in quilt
holed up in the attic
wrapped in quilt ~~
tattered photos

cold February wind ~~
pillow soaked in tears
wrapped in quilt

Day 8: paintbox
paintbox waits ~~
gravel roadside
tiny wildflowers strewn

Day 9: beating the heat
shaved ice and mixed fruits
cool my parched throat ~~
beating summer heat


Last month, February, was National Haiku Writing Month, or NaHaiWriMo as is more popularly known. The community is well-received and the number of members keep growing by the year.

I intended to finish the whole month by writing one haiku a day, at least — but other priorities took over, so my short collection above consists of the haiku I composed for the first few days.

Yet even then, I enjoyed writing these haiku in response to the daily prompts given, and posting them on its Facebook community page, as well as reading with delight the contributions of my fellow haiku fans.

If you want to learn more about haiku writing and participating in the monthly event (yes, it now goes beyond February), just click on the link above.


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