An Ode to Muning

Tears in my heart

As I remember my dear old cat

Whom I had to leave behind

The searing pain shot through his piercing gaze

bewildered, confused

And that hurt – his and mine — has never left me

As I recall him running away from me

Forlorn and abandoned!

…Why did I not even dare say goodbye to him

The day before I left

Oh …I was his only hope for life, for his daily sustenance of food and love

When everyone else was loathed to give him

Shelter and water nor even some scraps to eat…

Oh Muning I can only hug you close in my prayers for now…perhaps

It was the better option till God had to take you back from this cold, uncaring world

Till then may your memories of me be restored to warmth…forgive me my little pet, as

I will always think of you my dearest furry friend with gratefulness and warm, loving

thoughts –

Author: marichu

A creative at heart with a passion and joy for living out her soul dreams; an English teacher, a budding blogger with a flair for poetry, life-long learner, sower of dreams, mentor to fellow dreamers; a happy, proud mother and grandmother.

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