Through the Looking Glass…

It took me so long to come up with a response to this photography assignment: “incorporating glass into an image to add a layer of complexity.” Thus it was a blessing I and my family got to dine in a restaurant with this fascinating view of the outside…

Through a glass panel – The sharp lines and striking view of the buildings beyond, plus the soft twirls of the clouds in the sky, were made clearer by using more contrast and color saturation.
Through a glass panel 2 – same view but at a slightly different angle…
Through a glass panel 3 – I included more of the street below…
Through a glass panel 4 – stronger colors…

I never thought taking pictures through a looking glass can be interesting; now I’m hooked, thanks to The Daily Post’s Photography 101 course. Cheers!

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Author: TeacherMarich

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  • Wow … that looks fun … love the processing!

    • TeacherMarich

      Thanks so much, Bastet for appreciating it! I enjoyed the process and still eager to experiment more with Glass — a fascinating element!