Be Thankful of Our Blessings, Great or Small

I’ve just come across a news article reporting that Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, has admitted in a US television interview that being so wealthy is actually causing him “great pain”.

Whew, it blew my mind because I was thinking if I were in his place I’d be so thrilled as I’d no longer have much to worry about the things I’m anxious about at the moment and that I’d have the freedom to be able to do what I’ve always hoped to, if I were just as financially wealthy as he is. And there’s also one teeny weeny bit of irritation or perhaps envy lurking somewhere inside me as I think that this person should have the luxury of saying that.

On one hand, I understand when he said “Maybe the stock goes so up, maybe people have high expectations on you, maybe I think too much about the future and have too many things to worry about,” — I could imagine such pressure, likewise what he said about “people looking at him differently when he walked down on the street.”

Let us be thankful of our blessings, great or small…

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Yet how I wish he’d also be thankful for the financial blessings he now has, and be more positive about it, albeit the pressure and changes that go with his new economic status. Continue reading “Be Thankful of Our Blessings, Great or Small”