Life Is Too Short To Be Making Excuses

Life is too short to be making excuses; no time to waste. But alas, so many times we make up excuses for not doing the things we want or ought to do as the opportunity for it comes along, thinking we’ll be able to find the proper time for it.

How many times do we say to people who matter to us “Not now, I’m busy…next time, ok?” Or when we ought to do a task, like responding to a writing prompt or challenge, we tell ourselves, “Not now…will wait for the proper words, for the right mood, and so on…”

One regret I painfully carry in my heart is not being able to visit my sick Mom this year as much as I could, and now sadly, she’s no longer here. I know I can always console myself with the fact that I’d been with her in her last days, in her last hours, but nothing can bring back lost time. So I treasure that special moment when I hugged her tightly and told her I loved her one time on my home visit to them a few months back.

Take time to smell the flowers while we can...

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Telephone calls or sending messages to our loved ones is not enough and can never replace the unspeakable joy of making the people we love most happy seeing us in the flesh, bonding with them in person, carving out a special time for them amidst our busy schedules.

We may love them as much as we feel we do, but if we are always too busy to sacrifice a few precious moments with them means we do not care enough.

Life indeed is too short to be making excuses even for passing up on golden opportunities for personal growth, bridging friendships, making a positive difference in other people’s lives, creating a better world in our own small way, or even just simply smelling the roses…

No time to waste. The time is NOW.