Me and My Soul Dreams

Today, I tell you about myself and my dreams, which has something to do with who I believe I am deep within: a creative person, an artist, a writer at heart.

I’m an EFL teacher, but I still dream of going up and doing more. I dream of writing a book, some journals, a memoir, poetry anthology — write, write, write and join and win the prestigious Palanca Awards, a Philippine national competition in literature.

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars, they say, so this quotation often pushes me to just aim high, dream big.

I once read a book, How to Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams, written by the well-known, well-liked Filipino author and Catholic preacher, Bo Sanchez, and his inspiring book has led me to discover — these dreams of mine are connected to my Life Purpose and Core Gifts! They are my soul dreams.

What makes me affirm that these are indeed my soul dreams? These are dreams whose seeds I’ve nurtured since I was a child, and though through the intervening years they seemed to have faded away, my dreams have never died – just like what the author says in his book, some of our dreams are meant to die to tell us we need to grow up.

Yet there will be dreams that are meant to grow. Just like my Soul Dreams that have to come to their full flourishing, even now well into my golden years.

I believe God prepared me when I was younger to be a teacher, and that is what He wants me to be. Now, I’m a teacher, and my Core Gift is to teach, to communicate. But I believe, God wants me to not only teach, but to mentor others to become good teachers themselves. And He wants me to be a teacher of other fields as well, not just of language. I’m still figuring that out.

To write is my CORE GIFT, too and God wants me to share this talent of mine to others, to let others be inspired by my writings. This Dream Makes Me Happy in the Deepest Way Possible.

All these I’ve mentioned are what motivate me to blog, not merely keep a personal journal. I want to see how I can reach out to readers out there. I’m also putting myself in the shoes of my writing students so I can feel, experience what they’re going through each time I give a writing task.

Thus, the reason I’ve joined Blogging 101 is to learn how I can blossom to my fullest potential as a writer, keep a blog, find my voice, enjoy the process as I meet new friends along the way.

And this post is my response to the 1st day writing task of Blogging 101: to write who I am and why I’m here.

I WRITE ALL THESE DREAMS IN MY HEART AND IN REALITY, on this Day of the Lord, September 15, 2014.



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