You, Robot: My BionicEyes

a robot ready to do my bidding…(photo credit below)
Oh I’ve been dreaming about this for so long, but if only I could have a Robot, so I could have a pair of Bionic Eyes that can scan my mind, as I write.

You see, now that I’m earning a living out of creating content for websites – I realize that writing cannot all be fun, especially when running out of time, and there are still loads of articles to read and curate.

And so, if ever I could, I’d command You, Robot,  my dear BionicEyes, to do just this one Big task:

Capture, collect and gather all the thoughts that have been running here and there in my mind, and flash them onto my screen, so that all I have to do is just to re-arrange them as neatly, logical as I want them to be…

Not wanting to use my keyboard any longer as I curate an article, when my wrists are tired – my dear Robot – Be my Eyes and set all the ideas right before me – on the screen – Now.

This is not to say I do not enjoy what I’m doing. On the contrary, it delights me immensely so.

Yet, times when I do want everything automated, except thinking itself…so please, my Bionic Eyes, come to my rescue!

 Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

What’s in a Name My Dear Writer Pad

The Name’s The Thing, yes. It feels good naming some things. Just like My Writer Pad,  one among several physical journals I keep. And my Writer Pad’s name is — Sean George. How it came to be, I will tell you.

Sean stands for the name of my long-time Hollywood crush — the ever so debonair Sean Connery. I’ve liked him more since watching him in “Finding Forrester” and in “First Knight.”  The way he carries himself like true blue royalty can still make me swoon for the moon, letting my imagination go wild with his hypnotic gaze and deep strong voice. Sigh….

Then, George comes from the name of one of the main characters in a short love story my Korean student, a nun, and I read, discussed in class. At the end of several weeks of digesting the story, my student said she hoped I’d find my own George. Well, here he is, together with Sean.

With that name, it’s easy for me to be lured to come to Sean George, my Writer Pad, bare my soul, with my words streaming down on its pages.


NOTE: I’ve changed the title of my post from its former one, ‘And My Writer Pad’s Name Is…’ — TeacherMarich


Hey, Being Patient with Others Is Cool!

“When you’re tempted to get angry and feel frustrated with those around you, take a moment to think about your own faults and shortcomings. This will help you to be patient with others.” – Maria Fontaine

Indeed! Such an apt reminder in this age of social media when it seems to be the fad to rant and rave about just anything and anyone online, but hey dear people, being patient with others is more cool, and will never go out of style.

In fact, I’m writing this mainly to check myself, for just earlier on, as I was going over the news feed on my social media account, I was almost seeing red as I read some negative postings from friends and strangers alike. Almost every day, I scan such rantings or even SCREAMING!!! in the news feed.

Even comments from the general public regarding current news or celebrity gossips are filled with hateful, derogatory, discriminating speech – it can be nauseating. Regarding personal gripes, of course, people say it’s their page, and they have every right to give vent to their anger, annoyance, and whatever else is eating them up. I do understand that need to ventilate.

But does one have to do it online – even if it’s about the smallest thing? And when someone airs their gripes online, it makes others angry as well, right?

Then, I realize that though I may not have the tendency to share my personal negative feelings online, I’m as guilty as the other person to be annoyed as well, or boil mad with anger, at someone.

That’s the point — whether we broadcast our sentiments to the whole wide world, or keep it to ourselves, or confront the person we’re angry at like a soldier charging into battle — we easily get impatient with others. We think we are in the right, thus we have the right to be angry.

But just like what the quotation above says — let us take a moment to think about our own faults and shortcomings. Let us be more patient with others, a value, a virtue to be imbibed. Then even in that simple, humble way, we can lessen the negativity circling around us. We can stop in our own small way the spiral of hatred that now is gripping the entire planet.

Finally, it will help to think that in each one of us, lies the seed of goodness.

I just came across this article on Huffington Post, ‘A Good Mother Would Pick Up Her Crying Baby’ — a good example of what my post is saying.



The Eighth Sin

Backstabbing, today’s plague, as it was then, continues to shatter countless relationships…

Et tu, Brute? — this oft-quoted famous line from William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Ceasar which most of us studied in English literature speaks of deception, the ultimate betrayal of one’s closest friend. Can you imagine the shock, the bleeding pain and disgust Ceasar could have felt at seeing his most trusted friend Brutus among his assassins?

And how about feeling Jesus’ anguished pain at Judas’ betrayal of him — Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”

In my own “Book of Books,” backstabbing is the eighth sin.

Backstabbing, today’s plague, as it was then, continues to shatter countless relationships, destroying homes, annihilating nations. Oh the torment it brings, this eighth sin of humankind…


How about you, what do you consider the eighth sin? Why?





UNITY in DIVERSITY–Mantra for Teachers

A school of fish…one specie…different colors… I took this photo on an out-of-town trip south of Manila – TeacherMarich

A common ailment in the teaching profession is professional jealousy, which exists as well without doubt in any field.  In fact, at some point in one’s career, one may have been guilty of this malady. Thus, one mantra teachers can invoke in order to avoid the pitfalls of petty jealousy, is UNITY in DIVERSITY.

Simply said, unity in diversity is that sense of belonging we teachers experience even though we are of different minds, perspectives, or teaching methodology. The differences in teaching approach, classroom management style, and individual personalities that we bring into our respective work domain contribute to a stronger sense of community, free from fear of rejection.

Unity in diversity means there is acceptance, collaboration, sincerity and RESPECT, most of all. Respect for others’ ideas, boundaries and space.


Have you ever encountered a colleague who often tries to negate almost every idea shared during brainstorming sessions, or one who refuses to collaborate unless she/he can make any demands from the team, or someone who seemingly asks for everyone’s consensus, yet she wants to have her way; everyone should follow her suggested activities?

Respect for others means being open to what others have to say; it also means you can agree to disagree amiably, without having to insist on your own opinion, without disdain for anyone else’s ideas. Being humble, in short.

Respect also means knowing your limits and boundaries, and that includes respecting your personal space — like not going over co- teachers’ files then deleting them from a shared computer without the courtesy of asking permission or letting them know about it. Believe me, there are such teachers who do this, and it makes them pathetic.

As a teacher, you show respect for others by not talking ill of anyone behind their back — be they your students, fellow teachers, superiors and other staff. In other words, behaving in a professional manner even if some people get into your nerves.

I notice mostly individuals who seem to lack self-respect are more inclined to exhibit signs of professional jealousy as well as act immaturely. Now, I lead you to these helpful articles that discuss professional jealousy: Dealing with the five causes of professional jealousy, and Innovative Teachers Hindered by the “Green-Eyed Monster.”

Unity in Diversity

Thus, to keep track of ourselves whenever we feel beset with negative attitudes and feeling is to focus on our main goal: helping our students the best we can.

It should be all about the students first — that is why we need to constantly upgrade our teaching skills and knowledge, so we can effectively lead our students to their learning goals. We need to make space for creativity and innovation. But it is just difficult to do so without collaboration and unity from our fellow teachers all because of jealousy – that nagging sense that you have to be the better one.

Diversity is a value that each of us teachers should inculcate in ourselves and in our students. Diversity is a value that aims to promote peaceful accord with everyone despite differences in thoughts, attitudes, cultural background, lifestyles, gender, race, among other variables. In an ideal situation in any context, diversity is seen to be working when each member accepts, tolerates and respects one another.

Unity in diversity – a mantra we teachers should invoke if we are to keep the pangs of jealousy at bay.

My Handmade Tales of Love

My mom’s handmade shawls for me crocheted with much love

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

Nothing gives more joy to me than food or drink made from scratch – like brewed freshly-ground coffee, just the aroma of it is enough to perk me up long before my first sip;

and nothing tastes more heavenly than fresh-from-the oven bread or cake my son has baked…

Photo by Natural Chef Carolyn Nicholas on Unsplash

and what instant soup can ever compare to the delectable scent, oriental flavor and rich texture of traditionally-cooked soup, one that you cook with meat bones and tiny-diced veggies and spices for close to 4 hours?

I just love thick hand-crocheted shawls, just like the ones my mother patiently handmade for me, for nothing else can give that feel of warmth and coziness on a rainy or cold day or night.

And I cannot resist the beauty of hand-crafted decorative items that can adorn the home, or be used for a purpose — native food baskets woven from bamboo or rattan, cross-stitched table runners and doilies, hand-painted bowls, to name a few.

Thus, I look back with fondness to my grandparents’ house which was of colonial Spanish style. Inside were hand-crafted objects, like their wooden intricately-carved furniture and hand-sewn lace curtains.

I still relish handwritten notes and letters, as well as writing longhand in my various journals, some of which have been handmade with recycled paper, stitched at the edges with lovely yarns of thread.

Traditionally cooked food or drink, handmade objects, are always a delight to have, for they bear the imprint of the person that made them.

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

They are feasts to the body, soul and mind, and each toil that goes into the making of that special object or food carries a tale of Love, a handiwork of the Heart.

When I am grown much much older, and my granddaughters will have been bigger, I shall tell them all about these…my handmade tales of love.


Daily Prompt: Handmade Tales


On Being Hopeful


Taal Volcano, in the middle of Taal Lake, is the world’s smallest volcano. I took this photo myself, one of my many practice shots, during an out-of-town trip.
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Abandon Not Your Cats, Please

PLEASE people, do Not abandon your cats! Offer your home to any stray that may come your way. I have come across an article, please click here, that says a New York island has literally been taken over by cats — yes, real-blood cousins of Garfield, Tom and Jerry, and their ilk; yet these real-blood felines are forgotten or unwanted cats. The article also mentions that this is not the only island where cats have been growing in large number, as there is a “Cat Island” as well in Japan. In fact, in this small neighborhood where I reside, it seems half of the population belongs to our dear felines, most of whom roam free to scavenge for themselves, seeking food, water and shelter. How ironic that HELLO KITTY seems to hold a more special place in people’s heart – in this small village where I live! So sad…

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