How My Dreams Foretell

My dreams can foretell. Foretell my future – what lies in days or months ahead.

One morning after getting up, many small potted green plants neatly arranged outside the house greeted my sight. Surprised, but delighted, I re-arranged them to my liking, but wondered where they came from.

In fact, I had been planning to buy some hanging plants from our church’s weekend market, but due to my terrible knee pain, was unable to.

Then, a medium-sized blue drum enclosing a bigger potted plant emerged in one corner, so I came near to remove that drum.

Lo and behold – the pot contained not only a plant, but a small frog seemingly sticking out from the soil. More shocking, a frozen fish head slowly inched its way from the soil, then more fish heads sprang up.

Suddenly, a large whole tuna fish, seemingly freshly-caught, with a bait still in its mouth, laid out before my eyes.

When I really woke up, my heart was thumping wildly with wonder and excitement – couldn’t almost breathe. It was one of the most fantastic, vivid dreams I’ve ever had!

Now this other dream of mine will always be unforgettable because it somehow foretold my entrance into the world of teaching English – to foreigners – from different parts of the world:

I was in the lobby of a 1st class, stately hotel with a high ceiling, its walls and floors in dark polished marble. The mood in that place was subdued, formal.

I approached the elevator, which impressed me as a space ship, sort of, and as soon as the door to the elevator opened, foreigners who looked Europeans came into view. The elevator car slowly ascended.

I felt they were Europeans from the way they were formally dressed – men in black suits and women in formal evening wear. Seconds later, most began speaking to me in Spanish, to which I responded in my halting Spanish.

Then, a little girl stood close by my right side, very nicely clothed in a ruffled party dress, looking like Alice in Wonderland. She had this long thick wavy red hair, rough to my touch because of her curls, and my dream vanished.

Shortly after dreaming of this, I got a call from the language school where my English teaching career all began. Funny as I think of it now, but my very first students were from Asia. It was only months later when I would also be given students to teach from Europe and South America.

Another of my dreams foretelling something was just as colorful, magical and vivid:

I was being driven in a car, or a cab, and we were cruising along one road. Suddenly, some small fairies, a la Twinkle Bell, dressed in pink ballet tutus, pirouetting atop the cable lines alongside the high red brick walls of a seminary-church, came into my view.

As we passed by nearer, the girls looked ballerinas after all, but still atop the cable lines, and I had to turn back to continue gazing up at them.

Still working with the same language school, I was tasked to teach seminarians from that seminary present in my dream; I even had a chance to go there myself to teach others in their community house.

That first dream I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you may wonder what it foretold. Well, I usually write down my dreams in my journal, and this was one of those I noted.

I had that dream last year in August, soon after I got sick, and was forced to resign from work because I couldn’t walk at all.

Due to my limited physical activity as a result of my sickness, my sons and I decided to look for a place convenient for me, one that would not require me to use the stairs – and so we found this present house, almost two months after that dream.

Guess what – there were varied green plants planted along one side of the long, narrow front path leading to the front door, from the gate.

These green plants, plus some of my own potted plants that I brought with me from the previous house, and those I bought thereafter from the church, are what greet me each morning I wake up. They give me pleasure each day as I water them, gaze at them, tend to them ’til they grow more lush.

At the time we found this place, my dream had already slipped my mind, and not until this morning after reading about it again did its significance alerted me to the reality my dreams can indeed foretell.

I do not attempt to analyze each symbolic meaning in my dreams – I already indulged in such activity years back when I was younger and given to more daydreaming or wistful thinking.

While I believe that dreams – not all – can also convey spiritual messages, just like in the Scriptures, or hidden psychological meanings (Freud, Psychoanalysis), I also do not attempt to go much deeper to find out.

Eventually, whatever takes place in my life sometime around the occurrence of my dream gives me insight as to the meaning of that dream. All I can say is the general overtone is now more important to me than the significance of each element in the dream.

In a way, I also believe that my dreams that foretell are an extension of my silent prayer, my deeper conversation with God. How I come to have those dreams, I really do not know, nor care to fathom much.

How about you – do you ever have such dreams that foretell? Please share if you do.

In my next post, I will share how some of my dreams also convey or reveal my inner

state, or present life situation.


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