What I Like About Life

This article is an old one of mine which I already posted in a different site which I have no longer access to. I actually wrote this while I was still teaching at a language school, so I was writing this for the benefit of our EFL adult students who were of different language proficiency levels.
What I like about life, although it is a constant struggle, are the fascinating discoveries I encounter as I go through each day. Like jewels that shine, or spices that perk up, they come in different ways and forms and they provide me with something good to look forward to, day by day…like small things I learn about those around me, people I meet, especially those who have become special in more ways than one.

I have come to accept that life indeed is a great mystery and there are countlless things my limited human mind cannot easily comprehend. So I have learned to ask “Why” much lesser than i used to. I have learned to accept and appreciate more whatever comes my way. Sometimes, I tell myself to be careful for life is a big tease, full of sinful delights and life is like a bubble, too…hold on to something tight and it bursts. Continue reading “What I Like About Life”