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Hello! Welcome to An English Inspirational Journal: my  reflections in prose, poetry and photographs

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Author: TeacherMarich

A creative at heart with a passion and joy for living out her soul dreams, and that include her love for teaching and writing —

  • Good luck with the blog, and thanks for stopping by to visit mine. My son is an English teacher too. Wishing you all the best!

  • TeacherMarich

    Thank you Ms. Mendoza for your encouraging comment on my blogsite. I hope in the coming days, you too will be sharing some of your thoughts and experiences with us.

    All the best,
    Ms. Jose

  • Cezz Mendoza

    Ms. Jose,

    Thanks for creating this page. I knew it’s helpful to anyone who are very much willing to enhance their writing skills and vocabulary. I am please to be parted of this blog.

  • Mary Lan

    Hi teacher, thank you very much for creating this blog. I am not your old student but my brother and sister were. From them, I know you are a very great teacher who can motivates student and inspire them to move on English learning journey. I believe this blog will be very helpful for those who love English and love writing.

    Wish you successful!!!
    Mary (Cai Lan)

    • TeacherMarich

      Welcome to English All You Can, Mary Cai Lan! Am glad you found time to visit this site. I hope you’ll always enjoy coming here,
      and share with us too. Thank you too for your wish for success. With your collaboration, English All You Can will indeed be successful!